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Update by user Feb 12, 2013

Sorry its not Northbay elecronics its

Update by user Feb 12, 2013

Sorry its not Northbay elecronics its

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This company deals with iPhone repair.I paid $49.95 for a water damage repair via PayPal for my iPhone and heard no response for about a month.

After calling them many times and leaving messages via email and voice mail, he finally sent me an email saying the phone was un-repairable. He claimed that he took apart the phone and replaced many things to try to get it to work. Deeper into the email he said I had to pay $15.00 to send the phone back (which is a total lie the rate is about $6.00) and he left his number at the end. I called him about a couple minutes after and asked him if I would be getting a refund.

His answer was No. I looked all through the website for something that said no refund and I found nothing. So after heated argument he agreed to send it back and refund me 15 dollars because he claims it cost $35.00 (yes he raised the shipping price again)to ship it. After another week of waiting it finally arrived, but no refund.

The phone looked like it wasn’t even touched, I don’t believe he did anything to it and there are no marks to even prove he touched it. It was even rapped in the same bubble wrap I sent it in. The whole thing just seemed like a scam to me, where he would collect money and the iphones and “pretend” to repair them and tell the customer it was “irreparable” and then sends them back in the same condition with no refund. So after I emailed him 3 more times and called his cell phone 3 times (twice he picked up and hung up on me) and the third time I left a message.

I was being polite about it, trying not to lose my temper and I told him you have 24 hours to refund me my money or I’m going to the BBB and he still hasn’t sent it.

I used PayPal for the transaction so I have all the payments recorded in that.I've given him many opportunities to pay me back by sending him many money requests through PayPal and he hasn’t responded yet.

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i think you are looking for not northbay electronics.... its not the same business 2 different companies as of June 2012

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #607477

Sorry, error fixed

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